Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I was on the computer eating a lemon(weird right?) and Peanut wanted to have a taste of them-I could very much tell- for the first time so he stole it as fast as any corgi's reflex. And lemons are SO out of his diet plan (you know, his UTI) and I was chasing him down for ten minutes and I finally got him down, but then he started growling. "Bad boy, Peanut!" So, I tried getting a hold of it and he turned his head to the left and turned his head to the right, just which ever way my hand was going so I wouldn't take it until I decided to take his long little body and calmly open his maw and take that fruit out. Oh Peanut...

Friday, March 4, 2011


Okay, I went to the vet to get Peanut's worm check up and preventions and I weighed him and he was 24 POUNDS! From 19.5 to 24 lbs! The front desk peeps said he was over weight by 2 pounds.... wait, aren't corgis supposed to be at the most, 27 pounds? I guess it was his size and/or age because they considered him a small dog even though corgis are MEDIUM dogs. Ugh. He is a year old and he is fully grown so I don't get that. Any answers to this?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nubs are the new style

You know how a teen's style is skinny jeans, tight shirts, and flats? And do you know how big, fake glasses are in style also? Well, same with nubs. Don't you ever get tired of seeing a tail wag every day - just plain dog(unless its a cardigan!). I seriously think that nubs are so fun to stare at because they still move even though they are docked tails! Those little nubbins come in ALL sizes from puny, small, medium, long, and extra long. How awesome is that??! And they don't sweep your drink off the coffee table! *GASP!* And those fluffy ones!!!!    Those drive me nuts! Thank goodness for corgis..... to be continued....

- I'm still trying to fix my camera!