Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mom disease

I love Peanut very much and I know you love your corgi/dog too. Do you ever attack your companion with hugs and kisses? I do and Peanut hates it. Every time I do this he is probably thinking "Mom! Stop it!" I can't stop it. It is *verrrrrrrrrrrrry*  hard to get rid of. It's something called Mom Disease. I stick to Peanut like peanut butter and jelly. How could I resist smothering my corgi with love and perhaps, spoiling him just a pinch? The corgi's looks catch my eye and that is how I discovered the corgi. When I first saw them on T.V., I thought that those long, cute bodies and huge ears were worth researching and look at me now. Corgi in my lap, smothering this corgi with love and food. I might as well just call it Mom Disease. That is what Peanut has. What about your dog? 

Friday, November 26, 2010

A sprinkle of Christmas

I simply went shopping for Peanut stuff and got this stuff:

Black Friday was crazy so I didn't shop. I hope you start your Christmas shopping soon!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, but I didn't get to do it with Peanut :(. I still had fun though! I first went to eat out(it had turkey!), then I went to a river place out of town with ducks. I also brought along some bread and it drew me a big crowd of ducks.

I couldn't feed Peanut any turkey 'cause I found out that turkey is really fatty and not really good for them and there was no chicken for Peanut :(
That's all for today corgi lovers!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No Post Title(sorry!)

It feels awkward making a post now that I have not been updating anything. Life is boring now! Peanut is the only thing that's keeping me alive with this boring life of mine. Peanut partially destroyed his sock ball..... nothing else to talk about... life is boring.... waiting for life to get exciting..... still waiting.... can't wait any longer.... >:(.    

Oh! And Peanut doesn't like dog food, any dog food. I have bought him four types of dog foods and he still hates them. I am going to buy vitamins so he won't be unhealthy because he almost never eats his dog food. He only eats it about like 3-5 times a month. I give him protein foods like yogurt and I give him other healthy foods like carrots, bananas, etc. to keep him healthy.  Help!

Is there any good topics to talk about for this running out of ideas blog?


Monday, November 22, 2010

Sock balls!

Thanks to Kelly's post(she gave me the link: I made a sock ball for Peanut. It took me an hour to make it because I was hand sewing it and there was *a lot* of tangles and knots that got in my way, but Peanut didn't care! I finished it and Peanut loves it too much.

It looks really bad, I know. I soon threw it across the living room and Peanut went dashing for it.

And then...

As easy as steps 1, 2 and 3 he messed it up in a min.





And for a second sock ball, I am going to buy squeakers for it.

I highly recommend this for sock lovers!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Today ...

Today, Peanut stole a Peanut butter jar that I was holding.

Today, Peanut made a record of a time of 2 seconds to go down a 15 step staircase.

Today, I also went to the park with Peanut and walked a mile.

 and now my favorite picture....

 Today was fun :)

Door-stopper problem

Peanut is a weird little corgi. He attacks any door-stopper he sees and it's kind of becoming a problem. here is an example:

(Sorry, but I don't know why the video has such bad quality)
I really don't think this is good, but is it okay? I think he sounds funny, but this is unusual.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Life here is cold, boring, and ordinary. There is nothing really exciting to blog about nowadays. If only something fun or not boring would happen then I would be happy besides another paws it forward package :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Almost Wordless Day

I am going to one of my figure skating lessons tomorrow morning/ afternoon, but I don't know what else...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

It came!

I got my paws it forward package today through the mail...

I first opened it and Peanut was wait to see what he got...
A nice little I don't know what you call it, but it's to pretty to hang!

And then,  his temptation to get the toy was high...

A lovely pin!

And Peanut gets the toy and get himself into the flying squirrel position and bites away... 
And when he is really entertained, he rolls onto his back...
 Thank you Dozer and Coop for this wonderful hand-picked package of Peanutness. He really enjoyed it! Have you ever gotten a paws it forward package or is going to get one?


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The test (part 1)

Okay, the test was... okay. It didn't feel like a test, it felt more like a usual obedience day. The first thing was the sit stays out of sight- messed up 2 times. Then, the down stays out of sight was perfect. Then, the other stuff was perfect, but the sit stays out of sight haunted me. Here are quite a few pictures at the graduation:

Now, this dog is one of Peanut's shaggy classmates doing her heel stays or whatever you call them. He is a very smart nice gentle giant. 

Here is where we take pictures, but Peanut wouldn't stay and stay still.

And ta-da! It's not perfect,but the bast he's ever done!

  Here is Peanut's classmate's graduation picture. What a shag. Jetta, Peanut's classmate, was a very smart dog! The funny part about her sits is that she is so furry that her paws slide as she tries to stay up. I love her!

(The dog in the background is just the training instructor's dog.)

Another little, or shall I say big smile from Peanut!

And here is his semi-serious face.

And a little bye to Jetta the wonderful Bouvier. The CGC test was canceled and is going to take place on December 2nd so Perfect timing!


Random sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings.

I also bought Peanut some graduation treats for all his effort. 

And they're yogurt, apple and banana flavored!

I had a good day even though Peanut/I messed up twice on one thing, I am as happy as can be!