Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Random day

Today, Peanut was excited to see his birthday cookies from Petsmart and his other presents. Even though they were from Petsmart, they were very cute and Peanut type. The reason they were "Peanut type" is because they had sprinkles on some of the cookies! I give Peanut like four little sprinkles on occasions so he could enjoy a little bit of love. The cookies!

And he was only coming for more.

Even I couldn't resist the carob-flavored one( the dark-brown one!) I started eating it with Peanut. I know it's weird, but it was to good to be true! I also bought him a treat-filled stocking and a orthopedic bed.


Squishy bed!

I opened the stocking and pulled out a gingerbread man and a Christmas tree shaped meat treat. It was hard for him to decide, but he wanted the frosting and sweetness of the Christmas tree. So, he chose the Christmas tree!

And later, I loved the look of this rawhide bone that was in the stocking, so I handed it to Peanut and he just picked off the icing with his 2 mm sized front teeth. And then, he took a chew at the bone.

I also bought some stairs for him, but he never uses it because the stairs are slim and hard to get up to so :(
I bought him the stairs because I was worried about his back and hips going up and down our bed constantly. Is he still going to be okay?
And a pet store makes me happy because I get to buy stuff for my Peanut. Loved it!


  1. those look like great goodies for Peanut! I'm sure he liked them all! some of them do look very tempting to eat too! one time we had some of the "cookies" from Pet Smart and my son didn't realize they were dog cookies. He ate several of them that looked like chocolate chip ones and said they were delicious!

    My husband made stairs for Koda to go up and down the bed. Koda uses the stairs to go off the bed, but has never mastered getting on the bed that way. We just pick him up and put him on it.


  2. THANK YOU for posting the link to The Daily Corgi's 2011 Calendar!!

    Much appreciated.

    Corgi ON!

    Laurie Eno
    Founder & Editor
    The Daily Corgi

    p.s. Lick-ums to Peanut :-).

  3. Great presents! Looks like he enjoyed them :)


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