Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Scare and run

Okay, so I was just walking with Peanut last night and there was an adorable little pooch walking up to Peanut. It was a neighbor's dog, but it wasn't on leash(big no-no... especially at night) and as the pooch got closer, she snapped. I was going to pick up peanut as fast as I could, but Peanut got so scared of the dog that he pulled so hard that I felt like he was going to drag me but instead, he pulled his collar off and I chased him. He was a race car. He was so fast, but the good news is that... he ran home. No, he didn't sprint into the bushes. No, he didn't sprint under a parked car. He ran directly home without a second thought. He just waited at the door all nervous and anxious for me to open the door. Lesson: use a harness. I just can't believe he ran home.... he must love me that much to run home :D))) I would be heart-broken if he were gone. I Peanut so much and it was a relief to know he didn't run away, but he still gets scared whenever I walk by the place where he saw the dog. Oh Peanut...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Shaved butt and more!

I apologize for my very foul updating.*changing subject* Peanut's butox was getting really furry so I shaved it!....and it's growing back....


I use the furminator and other grooming tools all the time and he's still shedding like crazy. I'm surprised he's not bald. (Hee hee) 

I took a picture of Peanut being the baddest to the bone while he was eating(and snarling), but then I corrected him

How can you resist this?

Peanut is a continuous wobbler

(Randow picture of Peanut being Peanut)

I love his little smiles when he's on my stomach 

It rained! Peanut is just barking and awooing 

A walk just to enjoy the water in between his toes 

Peanut got back!

Look at his looooongness

Peanut took my hair scrunchie that is now his new toy and he's just getting mad at me because I'm trying to take it from him. 

balcony time!

The world it longer than you, Peanut

My cattle man is always looking for something to bark at

My camera sucks sometimes, but I didn't want to use flash because that would  give him the pet eye
AND I also bought... A SAUSAGE ROPE TOY!!! I found it at target and what's better than a sausage rope toy?! :D)))   (triple chin!)

I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY WITH PEANUT'S NUB HOPE THAT I GET MORE THINGS TO BLOG ABOUT! There's nothing better than sharing a piece of Peanut with the corgi nation!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Towel toy!

I was actually going to make a sock ball, but I had no extra socks to use. So, I had some extra small towels and I had nothing else to do with them so I made a toy! I cut out a squeaker from one of Peanut's useless toys and rolled it with a towel and folded it again with another towel and sewed it together in a pillow form. I added a bow, thinking Peanut wouldn't do anything, but...

He took it off first. Here's the finished piece!

The thing that reeeeeeeeally attracted Peanut was the squeaker! It took me and hour to make it because the string kept on tangling and ugh. But, I got through it! You can make this. It's really quite simple. If you need help or whatnot then either ask by emailing or commenting. 

Must destroy!

No takey awayey!

I found path... must sniff

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Good news!! I found out there was a corgi in my apartment complex and it lives right around the corner! I've seen it walk around quite a few times, but I never have enough time to put everything together and go outside to say hi. I hope to see it soon!!! I've heard from the owner that he/she's bigger than Peanut.... WHAT?! That means he/she's longer than Peanut.  And about the grapes, I took a half-hour walk with Peanut and his crap was..... should I even mention? Well it was soft.
 If it's diarrhea then vet! Going to the pool with Peanut!

Not Good... at all

Today, right now, Peanut ate a grape or two. I gave the command "drop it," but it was too late. He ate it. I made some research and a little amount can make him ill. Oh no. He ate frozen grapes that I accidentally spilled and you know about his obsession of fruit. It's not only bad for his health but for his special diet! grrrrrrrrrr. I am worried!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Peanut Break Dancing!!!

After taking Peanut a bath, he tries drying as fast as he can by doing what I call "break dancing".  I took a video of this unique routine!!! 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bite me, I must be dreaming

OH NO! OH NO NO NON ONONONONONONONONONONON NO! Do you know what this season is?! FLEA SEASON!! *dun dun dun!* Fleas are my enimies!! Fleas are pretty bad here, in Texas. And the worst part is that because of all of Peanut's forest of hair, I can't tell what the heck there is in there. It's not that he needs a trim, but the undercoat drives me nuts!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Simple and Sweet


Is it hot in here or is it just me??

*Drool* Peanut butter...... 

Rolls me!
There's nothing better to do than to take pictures of your corgi!!!

That' all for today, corgi folks! 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Good News!

I have been searching for a nice pet-friendly condo that hopefully will be beach-front! I am still going for that goal of running on the beach with Peanut and letting him herd all those seagulls. I've been running a mile or two with Peanut almost every day to get him more muscular than chubby and it works! He's lost about two or three pounds once I got him that tough exercise for those little endurance-filled legs of his. I haven't posted much at all lately because me and Peanut have been moving so you know how that goes. Peanut has gotten a little stubborn, (not good news) but it just seems like he has hit that teen age where he starts having his own ways. It's strange because corgis are not stubborn or bossy, but I guess that's just 'nut. This kind little corgi is not what he seems to be...


He forces me to play with him and he has just changed so much!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Heat

It's getting hot over here in Texas and it's only spring! So I chilled Peanut off with some dog bone-shaped ice cubes. Me and Peanut are moving so I don't know how to handle the heat better than this! It's hitting the 90's (degrees) and It's killing us! This calls for some major grooming, but not a shave(it will only make him hotter-temperature wise). I wish it were winter again! Anybody selling things to beat the heat for dogs?