Saturday, May 14, 2011

Good News!

I have been searching for a nice pet-friendly condo that hopefully will be beach-front! I am still going for that goal of running on the beach with Peanut and letting him herd all those seagulls. I've been running a mile or two with Peanut almost every day to get him more muscular than chubby and it works! He's lost about two or three pounds once I got him that tough exercise for those little endurance-filled legs of his. I haven't posted much at all lately because me and Peanut have been moving so you know how that goes. Peanut has gotten a little stubborn, (not good news) but it just seems like he has hit that teen age where he starts having his own ways. It's strange because corgis are not stubborn or bossy, but I guess that's just 'nut. This kind little corgi is not what he seems to be...


He forces me to play with him and he has just changed so much!

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  1. Corgis are not stubborn or bossy? haha, isn't that one of the main ways to describe their personalities?? ;)

    Glad you are doing well! Hope to hear more from you now that you are getting settled :)


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