Monday, February 28, 2011

Symbolizing Your Corgi

What symbolizes your corgi? For Peanut, a hot dog or a peanut butter jar would do it.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

What a corgi fears

Every corgi has a fear. It could be a stranger, a grocery bag, an instrument, an animal, a writing utensil, you name it! Well, Peanut is afraid of writing utensils because every time he sniffs them, they always poke his nose. Yeah, corgis are supposed to be tough nubs, but they also have a brittle side. Peanut tries to be tough and he thinks that he is some how stronger than me(which in some cases he is as when we are playing tug-of-war and he gets really mad.) Peanut thinks everything that looks strange is something to overreact about - that's just him. What about your corgi?

Friday, February 25, 2011


Peanut has been "AWOOOOOOHing" more and  more often. And not to mention..... more protective.

As I only wish to be able to upload pictures, my retarded camera changed some sort of setting some how for the upload process and it screwed up so now there won't be any pictures of my nub anymore until I find a nice and long lasting camera that doesn't work like crap. (I even checked the manual!) This sucks. I even thought of uploading a video of Peanut "AWOOOOOOHing" at a squirrel that was out the window.

Have I told you about Peanut's strong muscles? They are VERY strong. I mean his thunder thighs are rock. Every time I try playing chase with him and I catch him, he just pulls his way out of my hands.

I wish I could show you Peanut's long hair. He needs a trim. His butt is the source of hair infestation. It falls EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I learned to love it and I know that Peanut will always be with me everywhere I go - hair-wise.

Smile like your corgi! :D

Friday, February 4, 2011


It hasn't snowed here in San Antonio, Texas in 20 years or something like that. I woke up in the morning and SNOW! It only snowed about half an inch, but it was fun! Though, I was isolated because there was ice on the roads so I couldn't go anywhere. My house sadly doesn't allow dogs(long story) so I had to place Peanut on the deck and because we couldn't go to the park, there was not a lot to do :(. I took some pics, but Peanut was cold!

                                          ^Peanut Paw print! ^
                                           ^ this is my favorite picture besides all the ones that involve Peanut in it

My fingers were frozen and Peanutter slept a lot. I think he is hibernating. CORGIS!