Sunday, February 27, 2011

What a corgi fears

Every corgi has a fear. It could be a stranger, a grocery bag, an instrument, an animal, a writing utensil, you name it! Well, Peanut is afraid of writing utensils because every time he sniffs them, they always poke his nose. Yeah, corgis are supposed to be tough nubs, but they also have a brittle side. Peanut tries to be tough and he thinks that he is some how stronger than me(which in some cases he is as when we are playing tug-of-war and he gets really mad.) Peanut thinks everything that looks strange is something to overreact about - that's just him. What about your corgi?


  1. Our corgi Heidi is afraid of soda cans. Whenever my husband starts to open one she backs away. I don't know if it is the sound or what.
    Heidi barks like crazy at the phone ringing, the printer printing, plugging in any electric cords, the sprayer attachment on the kitchen sink, the timer going off, fast movements made by people and of course - the vacuum cleaner.

  2. The word "bath" and the sound of running water makes our male take heed. An open basement door makes him go hide in the bathroom. Odd, isn't it? Our female barks when the tea kettle blows.


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