Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Scare and run

Okay, so I was just walking with Peanut last night and there was an adorable little pooch walking up to Peanut. It was a neighbor's dog, but it wasn't on leash(big no-no... especially at night) and as the pooch got closer, she snapped. I was going to pick up peanut as fast as I could, but Peanut got so scared of the dog that he pulled so hard that I felt like he was going to drag me but instead, he pulled his collar off and I chased him. He was a race car. He was so fast, but the good news is that... he ran home. No, he didn't sprint into the bushes. No, he didn't sprint under a parked car. He ran directly home without a second thought. He just waited at the door all nervous and anxious for me to open the door. Lesson: use a harness. I just can't believe he ran home.... he must love me that much to run home :D))) I would be heart-broken if he were gone. I Peanut so much and it was a relief to know he didn't run away, but he still gets scared whenever I walk by the place where he saw the dog. Oh Peanut...


  1. Yikes, so scary! Maybe try a martingale collar.. they tighten so dogs can't slip their heads out (but they don't choke).

  2. good for peanut. flight is underrated publicly among humans but remains very effective.


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