Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oh my foodness!

I finally got the perfect dog food for Peanut which, Kelly from Corgi butts recommended for me to feed Peanut a while ago. Wellness Core!

I even put it in his Kong Wobbler :) 

I even bought some Peanut dog biscuits with it, but it has wheat so watch out! 

 The CGC test and the class test is right around the corner. I am worried!


  1. I hope he does well on the Core!

  2. I have not tried Wellness. Seems good!

    Maggie eats Fromm. It has different variety like chicken or applesauce. She would not touch her puppy food that the breeder had her on when we brought her home. She basically starved for four days! Then I found Fromm and she lovesss it!

    Peanut will do wonderful!!!

  3. Wellness Core...excellent choice :-) Bailey loves it as well

    Good luck on the CGC, Bailey is getting ready for hers too, sometime within the next couple of months

  4. glad you found the right food for Peanut! don't worry about the test, just do as good as you can!


  5. Sadie eats Wellness Core, too. It's great!

  6. Oh a question...

    What does Peanut have to do to pass the CGC test?


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