Thursday, November 18, 2010

It came!

I got my paws it forward package today through the mail...

I first opened it and Peanut was wait to see what he got...
A nice little I don't know what you call it, but it's to pretty to hang!

And then,  his temptation to get the toy was high...

A lovely pin!

And Peanut gets the toy and get himself into the flying squirrel position and bites away... 
And when he is really entertained, he rolls onto his back...
 Thank you Dozer and Coop for this wonderful hand-picked package of Peanutness. He really enjoyed it! Have you ever gotten a paws it forward package or is going to get one?



  1. still waiting on mine (being in canada does suck when waiting for a package from the states!), but its cool to see what might be in our package!

  2. looks like great goodies you got!! Peanut sure seemed to enjoy it!


  3. What is paws it forward? How do you sign up for it?


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