Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween! (2)

Halloween was kind of great. I collected candy, but no one gave out dog treats for my king :(. I didn't go many places either. Peanut was also pulling me everywhere- which is very unusual. Because he was pulling me everywhere, I didn't take many pictures at all. Peanut's crown was also falling all over the place and he was really tired in the middle of our adventure. How did your Halloween go? And also, I can't stop eating candy! I have not eaten candy in months! Well, I soon took off his crown and went off walking to every house with decorations. With only my bag halfway full, I drove home. Going to three different neighborhoods was not so exciting. But, I should enjoy my time with Peanut, so I hope you had a exotic Halloween with your ''Shorty."


  1. My Corgis didnt go trick or treating, but they did get some treats - their favorite raw hide bones - perfect for crunching and grinding!!!

  2. wonder if Peanut was pulling you because he was uncomfortable in his costume. we stayed home and passed out treats and every time the door bell rang, Koda got a piece of popcorn, so he was one happy dog by night's end :)



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