Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween! (1)

Peanut and I love this time of the year. It's where we get treats and walk around to have fun! I don't know if Peanut's tiny legs are going to hold all the walking. Perhaps a treat will keep him motivated?


But there is one thing that ruined it all.... Peanut got fleas again! I had to rinse and repeat. *Ugh* I have to go to the vet for better flea protection. I <3 Texas, but there's to many fleas. Fleas, fleas, fleas, everything fleas.

Not so sure about trick-or-treating with fleas on this boy, but I am going to try. I would love to see how your Halloween went! Put millions of pictures on your blog of your corgi and that will make a smile! :)



  1. I am not quite sure yet. They are kinda hard to find. He even had his flea, tick, and mosquito repellent medication applied on his back. I washed them off, but I am still not sure. :(

  2. Oh, poor guy! I hope he gets rid of all those nasty suckers :) What medication are you using for fleas?
    Happy Halloween, Peanut! Hope you get lots of treats! ♥

  3. We use Frontline and no fleas here. Poor Peanut!! hope you both have fun trick or treating and get lots of great treats!


  4. oh... so sorry to hear about the fleas! So you didn't get to go out with Peanut dressed up??? That's so sad! When we lived in California, Picasso was on Frontline, which worked wonderfully. When we moved to Florida, our vet highly recommended Sentinal for heart worms AND fleas. He said that fleas in the south are pretty much immune to Frontline. Sentinal, which is a treat/pill, has worked fantastic for Picasso! It's pricey, about $85 for a 6-month pack. I hope Peanut is flea-free soon!

    Will post Picasso's Halloween pics soon!

  5. Forgot to say that Sentinal has worked amazingly! I highly recommend it!


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