Monday, October 18, 2010

My bed bug

Yes, you should already know how much Peanut loves fruit. And if you read About Yogurt...., then you should know about how Peanut hides under my bed.

And he sometimes stays under my bed, so it's almost like it's his room. I understand that he is growing up and he needs his personal space. Here is a picture that has to do with math and Peanut:

I can't blame him. Peanut loves anything sweet. And he loves my bed!


  1. When Toby was younger he decided that he wants to sleep next to my bf's desk, so I had to move his bed there :) To this day, that's he's favorite spot in the house.
    Your picture reminded me that I should buy some apples for my baby too :) He loves the Honey crisp ones

  2. bet under your bed reminds him of a den, must be a good warm safe place for him :)


  3. Toby is cutie!!! And Betty, Peanut does hide his toys, bones, etc. under my bed and he sometimes never comes out... :)
    And I also forgot to mention that Gibson does sleep on his bed or something like that

    Peace, love and Corgis!

  4. Gizmo does the same thing going under my bed to hide and sleep, But at bed time he jumps on the bed to sleep with me lol.


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