Friday, October 1, 2010

I love my Corgi

I love Corgis so much. To me they are the best creatures in every universe! So, I went to Petsmart, or something like that and got this:

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi key chain!  :)
 It's so Peanut. I put it on my purse because I always want to see a Corgi or something that has to do with Corgis. Wait a sec........... It says dog on there.                  ?
 Well that is weird. It should have said I love my CORGI. Remember, Corgis are not dogs!!!! I am planning to make Peanut's birthday a two day birthday celebration, because he was born on November 9, 2009.  He was born on a Monday, but this year the 9th is on a Tuesday. So, he is going to turn a year old on a Monday,  but this year it is on a Tuesday, so I am going to celebrate it on both days!

                                         (two days of Peanut)
I <3 my PWC

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  1. I have that same key chain (LOL). It is cute! looking forward to seeing what you have planned for his birthday celebration :)



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