Sunday, October 17, 2010

Are you ready????

In 16 days, it's Halloween. Already!? Get your corgi costumes ready and go have some fun with your chunky pup on October 31. On October 30, I am going to a doggie Halloween party and there is going to be dog races, costume competitions, etc. You should have some fun with your Corgi this month! Come on, it's October! Perhaps visit a pumpkin patch?

Popular pumkins

Green Giants


The squash family

Extreme warts

Severe Acne

Deformed and nasty

But, there is one that me and Peanut fell in love with...

The most perfect pumpkin............. besides Peanut. Please, enjoy your blogging and I would love to see what mysterious pumpkins you'll find at a pumpkin patch( I would love to see some on your blog!!! :) )
Have a fantastic October and I hope you get to do something fun in the next 16 days!



  1. some very interesting pumpkins you guys saw! but I do love the one you and Peanut picked; so very cute!!

    can't believe Halloween is coming up so quick!


  2. Sadly I won't being doing Halloween with Gizmo this year, Cause I will be having knee surgery that same day :(, I was gonna dress Gizmo up as yoda From Star wars lol.

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  4. That stinks! And Gizmo would have been cute in that costume

  5. This is gonna be Toby's 2nd Haloween :) Last year he tried to eat a bite out of a carved pumpkin LOL

    Can't wait to put the costume on him and snap some photos :)


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