Saturday, October 2, 2010


Every time I come back from a place, Peanut always expects me to have brought him back something.It's cute, but it sometimes gets "overboard." Peanut is a plain selfish corgi when it comes to treats. Such as today, I went to the grocery store and I decided to Peanut a super-sized dog biscuit. When I come back, he runs to me swinging his hips side-to-side as if his hips were his tail- and that means he's REALLY happy. Then, I give him the treat and he completely forgets about me! he just runs away into my room and eats away his treat. I always give him kisses(or at least try to) and then he.....

Sorry video took a long time to load

The end is my favorite part. I like it cause it's all Peanutness. And sometimes he growls at me, but differently. It kind of sounds like a wheezing sound. Have you heard of the Busy Bone by Purina? Well, Peanut usually eats half of those and hides it everywhere. He is like the master of burrowing treasures. And I know he got it from the wolfish part of his past. And + he always hides hid Busy Bones in very surprising places like behind pillows, under beds, in between couches, shoe baskets, in his crate, folded blankets, and anywhere else he would hide a 4 inch piece of Busy Bone. And back to his grumpiness and snarls, I always wake up having Peanut laying down on our bed and he just stares at me like he wanted me to carry him to the backyard to take a morning crap. He is to protective over me, his treats, and his stuff.... any ideas for him to become a more kind and loving Peanut????

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  1. Koda liked those busy bones too! I had to stop giving them to him because he was getting a little plumpy so I had to reduce all his treats.

    He too expects a treat when we come back from the store, especially if he sees us bringing in bags

    I'm not sure what to do to make Peanut less grumpy and more loving; Koda doesn't snarl at us and is rarely protective of his treats......maybe just a firm "no" when he is not acting right?



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