Saturday, October 16, 2010

Groom doom

The fur, nails, ears, teeth! Everything is such a big mess! At least twice a week, I have to do this same cycle.

  1. Groom the hair for 10 min.
  2. Trim the nails 
  3. Clean the ears( It's hard to do because Peanut hates it when stuff is in his ears
  4. Brush teeth
It's not an easy job, because Peanut knows how to get away.
Here are the steps:

  1. Hair
                                        (sorry it came out blurry)

2. Trim the nails

(sorry I couldn't find the nail trimmer)

3. Clean the ears

 4.Brush teeth

 And some times there is a five.... Bath. The worst part is the bath. Peanut jumps in and out of the tub and gets water everywhere. Does your lil' corgi give you trouble while you groom?

If only Peanut knew that I am only grooming him....


  1. Koda doesn't like baths, but he'll put up with being brushed. I don't have to clip his toenails because we walk alot with him and they got worn down on the sidewalks

    Peanut does keep you busy!


  2. My favorite thing is that when Peanut's nails get long, you can hear them clicking on the floor. Me and Peanut don't walk a lot, but I am working on trying to walk him more often so his nails will ware out too. Good idea!

  3. Gizmo gives me a hard time with cutting the nails but not the bath so much, I need to start brushing his teeth tho lol, Oh and he hates getiing his ears clean to lol

  4. Try a "sheding blade" instead of a traditional brush. It's wonderful!


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