Friday, October 15, 2010

Yes... Silly bands

I went to Petsmart and found a Silly band!!!! Not just any Silly band, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi silly band. Yes, they are for kids, but I could never resist a corgi in any matter.
I am so happy to have another corgi in my life :) I know they didn't have a Pembroke, but I still got to have it.

Peace, love, and Corgis!


  1. My bloggie friend from Atlanta sent me one of those, I thought it was darling! Don't you just adore corgi blogs? Pnut butter is a corgis best friend I think...well, food in general I fear!

  2. very true! peanut butter is a corgi's best friend. I adore corgis so much, I am practically obsessed with them!

  3. I MUST have one, or two.. LOL. So cute, maybe in the near future they'll get pembroke too :)

  4. I can only hope and pray for the pembroke!

  5. too cute! hadn't seen this before!!

    happy weekend :)



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