Sunday, October 24, 2010


Today, I brought out the peanut bowl while Peanut was chillin' on the couch.

Peanut's ears went straight up as I set it down. He ran to me like never before! Jumping, squirming, anything to get just one peanut. Peanut decided to do this the old way- getting up on the chairs. He managed  to get up to quickly, he hit his head on the table(ouch.) He started nosing the peanut's and eating them.

 Big no-no Peanut! Oh, I also have bought him a jar of Planter's peanuts a few months before which, he has almost finished. I even buy him his own peanut butter jar(Jif) to eat and stuff in his Kong. He is all weird. Peanut's never acted so serious to the sight of peanuts.

Peanut would sniff, do a trick, jump, or do anything just to have on of these. I love his little food obsessions from fruit to yogurt and now, peanuts. Life is wonderful with a corgi no matter how much energy they hold in their long and short bodies.
Peanut made me feel like I always have someone there watching my every move. All I needed was him to complete me. After all the little and big things he has done from obedience and shortness to love and kisses has made me love him to pieces! November 9, 2009 God brought to this world my biggest miracle... Peanut.

It's all about food and Peanut in my world.

Have a happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Thank you for joining our blog. We are so happy to find other peanut butter lovers out there like us. When Daddy finishes a jar, he saves the rest for us and when he's collected six empty jars, we get them as a treat and get to lick out the jar!! YUMMY! Peanut sounds like the perfect name for you!

    We are happily following you back!

  2. hahaha how funny :) peanut is so cute...
    my pup butterball, will do just about anythign to get ahold of what i am eating. he sure is sneaky and will snatch whatever i have off my plate if im not watching

  3. Oh, Toby is the same :) He has to taste (almost) every food I eat. He'll come and give me kisses just so he can have a bite too :)
    His favorites are: apples & watermelon :)

  4. all cute pictures of Peanut; what a good dog he is to allow that peanut on his nose instead of his mouth!


  5. Well Betty, it took a while to make him leave the Peanut there lol! And apples and watermelon and Peanut's favorites too, Andreea! Thanks for commenting everyone!!! 6 days until Halloween :)

  6. Hi Peanut,

    We love peanuts and peanut butter too! Sadly we don't get our furry own jar. But our mom shares hers with us so it's okay. Right now we are begging her for some of those candy corns she mixes with the nuts. No luck though! BOL


  7. We love Peanut Butter, TOO! Maybe it is a corgi trait! We get the peanut butter jar, too, when Grammy is finished with it, and sometimes, Grammy will get us our own jar and give us each a spoonful every once in a while. Also, she sneaks our pills into it if we need to take some. The Country Corgi Crew


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