Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Flying Squirrel Position"

This is known as a Corgi's favorite position. Especially Peanut's. His first time ever doing the position was.....maybe when I first got him??? He has done it so many times and I would like to see your corgis in action!(on your blog)


Hehehe. Don't you love what your corgi does???


  1. My corgi (Heidi) is rolling around on the carpet as I type. Snuffling and rolling.

  2. Hilarious! Is Heidi chewing a toy???

  3. This is my absolute *favorite* corgi position! Whenever Picasso does it, I call him "superdog"! He usually starts with just one foot back, but then eventually sticks the second foot back to get into "superdog" position. I love your pic of Peanut's butt ... so cute!

  4. Hi Peanut-
    We saw you on the 24 paws blog. We like the Corgi Dogs! You're cute and we see you like pumpkins, Bark On!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  5. I always call this the bunny look position, LOL, for some strange reason, but it is Koda's favorite one indeed!

    right now he is right by my feet in this position :)

    have a great Sunday!


  6. heres how you use a background from scrap-e-blog:

  7. Sadie always lays like this, too. A lot of people call it "frog-dogging" haha. Cause it's like a frog :)

  8. We've heard it called the "froggy" position, too. Grammy says that she's got pictures of Grandma OC doing that when she was a tiny puppy, and now she is our Grandma and is 11 1/2 years old! A couple of us have inherited it, though we like the "dead roach" too! The CC Crew


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