Sunday, October 10, 2010

Laser lover

I go get a laser for Peanut to play with. He comes to me with extreme excitement. He stares with bulging eyes. I turn on the laser and....

Does your corgi freak out when they see a laser? Mine sure does!   


  1. too cute!! I think he likes tracking the light! Koda does the same :)


  2. ohh.. Toby is the same! It's fun to see him chasing the light, but we stopped playing with lasers and flashlights because he became obsessed with them , and I read somewhere it's not ok if they get this way :)

  3. ..because he'll only think about chasing the light and that's what he'll want to do all day. Toby would sit for tens on minutes in the same spot waiting for us to play with him.


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