Friday, October 8, 2010

How to draw a Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Sorry for those who want to draw a Cardigan Welsh Corgi! But, I went a library and rented a book.(if you want the title and author of the book, then just ask in the comments) I took a peek inside and I found a CORGI. I had like a Corgi attack or something. I also found Great Danes, Yorkies, etc. I rented the book and started drawing the Corgi. It was so exciting because, even if you can't draw good you can always take pictures! And if you want to draw a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, sketch/draw the images below. And you can always add features from your own Corgi to make it seem more like your Corgi. Here are the images:

                                          Step 1 & 2  
Step 3
                                          Step 4
                                          Step 5
                                          Step 6

And if you have trouble drawing an image, then comment which step you want me to take a better picture of and I will post an new post showing whatever images  that are improved. Yes, I know, it is kind of complicated. I drew it too, but it it not the easiest thing in the world and it's not the hardest. I also added some Peanut features such as the freckles on his muzzle, the shorter legs, the bigger ears. And if you draw it, you can email me your drawing to me. And only if you want me to, I can post your amazing corgi drawings on here! Just email me the pictures at

                                                                          Draw a Corgi!

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  1. isn't that cute! I liked seeing how they started and then got to the finished corgi; I bet with practice you'll get it down!



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