Tuesday, October 26, 2010

King Peanut

Today, I took a trip to Target and bought Peanut another costume! and it is a king :)

I am going to use this costume for a costume contest that I am going to, but he is to long for the cape. And he runs around the house rubbing his head against everything trying to take off the crown. I enjoyed it, but I wish there was a banana costume though. Target should have had it custom fit  for the corgi's longness.

I have not really decorated my house with Halloween stuff that much. The only thing there is, is pumpkins. Many, many pumpkins.

You should know that every corgi enjoys peanut butter. And after I was looking through the peanut butter section, I found this:

It's sweetish ,but it's peanut butter. It tastes *sooooooooooooooooooooo* good. When I opened the jar I expected the peanut butter to be creamy and sort of solid. The peanut butter was liquid, but the bottom was the solid part of it all. I even refrigerated it, but it's still liquid. I hope by tomorrow it will all be great! I have no idea why, but I think cinnamon stuff fits for fall and winter. I even offered Peanut some because it was delicious.................*mmmmm*

Halloween is close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Peanut looks ADORABLE in his costume! I'm wondering...how many costumes does he have for Halloween? What is he going to be for Halloween nite?

    The cinnamon peanut butter sounds delicious! I'm going to look for some this week :) For all natural peanut butter (which this jar is) you need to stir the jar completely with a spoon. The oil always settles at the top. After you refrigerate it, it will become more solid.

  2. Peanut has 2 costumes. The king one is for a costume contest and a hot dog for Halloween. Oh, and thanks for the advice for the Peanut butter. I don't really buy all natural peanut butter.

  3. I love it when he is the hotdog :P and he is sooo cute as king peanut as well :)

  4. hehe, saw that costume last week at Target. My baby doesn't really like to be dressed up.
    ohh..and he also has a costume that has a head-piece and he HATES it! He does the same thing that Peanut does, rubs his head on everything, just to get it off.
    Poor guys! :)

  5. Peanut looks cute in his costume! I have never heard of cinnamon peanut butter! I will have to check that out!


  6. Cool costume! Good luck with the contest!

  7. So cute! I just ended up buying Sadie two more costumes because PetSmart had all Halloween stuff 75% off now!! Haha. So now I have no idea what she will be for Halloween this year...

  8. Peanut, you suit is pretty nice, but we agree with you about hats! We hate them too!

    Grammy googled cinnamon and dogs and it said that it was pretty good for you in small amounts. It is a blood thinner, and to much can cause a kidney problem for dogs, but a little is good for joints. She is glad you brought up the question so that she could find out about these things. She thinks it might help OC a bit with her arthritis.

    She thinks she'd like to get some, too, because she loves cinnamon and it helps diabetics to regulate their blood sugar, so might help her some, too!


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