Friday, October 22, 2010

I got it!

I got a new food, but I forgot which one Kelly told me to get while I was at Petsmart, so I just got this one!

I just remembered that the food was Core, but Peanut really needed food so I just got this one. Is is okay? Should I change it?

Here is one of Peanut's favorite treats

This one(above) had a short and simple recipe:  Rice flour, Rice bran, Lamb, Oat Fiber, Olive oil, Sea salt.
I liked this one because it had just 6 ingredients(that's how it it got it's title.) 

Here is another one that Peanut loves.... "Drum roll, Please!

These! They are cinnamon-apple flavored(as you can see.) The brand is Natural Choice, but there are many other flavors like carrot, cranberries with blueberries, blueberries, pumpkin, and many more. They are also not the greatest because they have grains(whole grains.) But, because Peanut loves fruit, I got this one and I am planning to get the pumpkin one, but I am not sure if it's carrots with pumpkin. Either way, there's 9 more days til' Halloween!!!!


  1. Koda likes those treats too!!


  2. I'm feeding Toby "Nutro Natural Choice" since he was a puppy.

  3. Awww my mom used to get the apple treat for her pup all the time and the corgs LOVED them. She had to stop because they found out he was allergic to grains lol.


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