Monday, October 11, 2010

It's always about peanut butter

Every time I try to make a peanut butter sandwich guess who gets in my way. Peanut. I get the bread, then the peanut butter. As I open the jar *Vroom* Peanut rushes to me. I finish making my sandwich and I have 25 pounds on my lap. I take him off the chair, but he's still there. He is watching my every move with a peanut butter sandwich in my hand. I set it down on the table and...
                                             (Sorry, the smiley face was bad)

He stares and attempts to eat it, but he's to short too reach my height! 


  1. so very cute!! they are very attuned to sound aren't they? Koda knows the sound of the chip bag versus the sound of the cheese bag etc :)


  2. Gibson knows the sound of a bag of cheese opening. He'll be fast asleep and as soon as we open one up he comes running to see if he can get some :)

  3. Well of coarse a corgi would do those things, they are smart!


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