Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Over and under

Peanut's weight has been just a scribble of lines. There are ups and downs.

8 weeks- 4 lbs.
10 weeks- 5 lbs.
15 weeks- 12 lbs.
32 weeks- 19 lbs.
39 weeks- 23 lbs.
43 weeks- 17 lbs.
48 weeks(now) - 25 lbs.

As you can see he had a fall during 43 weeks, but I think that he was that way because he never ate his food. He hated it so much.  And now I give him different flavored food, but he only wants to eat about 3/4 cup of his dog food when he is really supposed to eat 2 1/4 cup of dog food. Do you think he eats very little because of the brand? He eats Science Diet. I have tried mixing in peas, rice, treats, peanut butter and he just picks out the food I mix in with it. He is still in the weight he is supposed to be in, but I don't want it to decrease.  What should I do??


  1. You might want to try switching foods.. Here is a post I did on how chose a new food for Gibson :)

  2. Koda is a good 10 pounds heavier. We use Science Diet too. Honestly, my problem with Koda is making sure he doesn't overeat. He would eat until he bursts and there is not much that I give him that he won't eat. Maybe Peanut might like some cooked chicken mixed with his food; Koda gets that and likes it.

    good luck!


  3. Thanks for visiting Bryson at our blog! Peanut's a cutie :)

    I wholeheartedly agree with Kelly on the recommendations on her blog. I also highly recommend reading up on, I was pretty appalled when I first came across that website and find out that so many name brand dog foods (including Hill's and Iams which we were feeding Bryson as his breeder was using that) are pretty much garbage. It made me sick to know that some of the major ingredients are waste products like peanut shells, sawdust, and contain preservatives that are banned in human because they're carcinogenic.

    We paid the price with Bryson's health- even though we can't blame it entirely on poor nutrition, I believe his Addison's Disease is probably not helped by the fact that he ate really crappy food for the first couple of years of his life. But Peanut's so young I'm sure you can mitigate any negative effect by getting him on a healthier diet soon (and hey, his appetite may improve too :>)

    If after reading more about commercial dog food that you're inclinced to preparing your own food, Dr. Pitcairn's book is a great read:

    Sorry if I seem preachy, I just hope no one has to deal with a chronic illness with their fur kid (like we are) because of something that can be easily overlooked even by the most doting doggy parents. Good luck with Peanut, he's a precious guy!


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