Thursday, October 28, 2010


I ordered this magazine while ago and here it is!

It's quite long and interesting. And it also has many, many corgis, but here are just a couple:

I got excited that corgis were in here for the first time out of the two magazines I have read so far, but there are way more than 2 magazines. Yay!!!!!

And there are corgi wine stoppers that you can buy at!!!!


*That's all for today folks*

Hmm.... Halloween is in...... 2 days!! Mark your calendars, buy your costumes and go have some fun with your very lengthy companion this weekend.

(Curtain falls)


  1. ooooohhh... those corgi wine stoppers look very cool! I'm a wine drinker, and I'm thinking that those will make great gifts! Thanks for sharing!

  2. cool about the corgi wine stoppers! I am definitely going to look into them!



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