Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mom disease

I love Peanut very much and I know you love your corgi/dog too. Do you ever attack your companion with hugs and kisses? I do and Peanut hates it. Every time I do this he is probably thinking "Mom! Stop it!" I can't stop it. It is *verrrrrrrrrrrrry*  hard to get rid of. It's something called Mom Disease. I stick to Peanut like peanut butter and jelly. How could I resist smothering my corgi with love and perhaps, spoiling him just a pinch? The corgi's looks catch my eye and that is how I discovered the corgi. When I first saw them on T.V., I thought that those long, cute bodies and huge ears were worth researching and look at me now. Corgi in my lap, smothering this corgi with love and food. I might as well just call it Mom Disease. That is what Peanut has. What about your dog? 


  1. I like to hold Koda and rock him like a baby, LOL. Of course he is a heavy baby, but he tolerates it :)

    I know Peanut likes the kisses you give him :_


  2. I beg for the attention. I could have it all day and I would be just fine with it.

  3. My girls love the attention, but when it comes to a rawhide bone or hugs, they will take the bone any day!


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