Sunday, November 7, 2010

Presents and more

I took a quick shop for only some of Peanut's birthday presents and I got some of this!

He has started eating the bone. He has not used the pull rope. And he has started eating Adult dog food.
I even put it in his Kong Wobbler mixed in with his old puppy food. Today, because it's a Sunday, I thought that it would be fun to might as well give some of his presents now. He loves his bone!

He is rolling all around the carpet with it getting the carpet dirty.
And here are some other pictures with Peanut and food:

Happy Early Birthday Peanut!


  1. Happy early birthday too Peanut! you look so very spoiled!! Always good to spoil a corgi!! I am betting you will enjoy all your birthday goodies!


  2. :) They do love bananas, don't they? Toby is crazy about them too, but I don't give him too much, I'm afraid he'll get constipated :)
    Happy, healthy, early B-day, lil' Peanut!! :)

  3. Peanut looks like the Top Banana today!

  4. Happy
    Life is good!


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