Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's begging to look a lot like Peanut.... everywhere you go

It's just starting to get cold over here. Today the temperatures dropped by about 30 degrees. Corgis are the lucky ones. Their furs are "Weather-proof." And that means that he will stand up to a cold climate. I don't need to buy him little turtlenecks and sweaters for his little warm soul. I also bought him a nice brown blanket that said "Woof," and had had bones all over it.  I lost my camera, so I probably won't be posting pictures for a while :(
Peanut has 3 weeks left(including this one) until his CGC test. I don't always have time for training him, so I might take some of my blogging time to train him, or else he won't pass. I like to tell stuff about Peanut on here, but I have to take this training seriously! I am planning on buying a Christmas tree because last year all the good Christmas trees were sold out, so now is the time to go out and about! 


  1. oh yes, Christmas tree!! Last year we went too late to look for a tree and got not such a pretty one.. This year we'll buy one earlier.
    Good luck to both of you with the test!!

  2. I'm sure Peanut will do just great in the cold weather ahead! Koda loved the cold temps when we lived in Montana and thrived when it was below zero :)

    good luck with the test! I'm sure you guys will do great!



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