Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Just to let you know, I took off the word verification and it will be off for a while. I know how you feel about being tired of typing in the letters and numerals, so I saved you energy. 

Peanut's birthday is coming soon! It's actually next week from November 8-9. Yes, I know that your asking "Why is his birthday two days?" Well, last year Peanut's birthday was on Monday, November 9. This year, November 9 is on a Tuesday and I don't think it's fair that he turns 1 on a Monday and the 9th is on a Tuesday, so I just went ahead and made it a 2-day holiday. I saw these cookies in Petsmart that were cute and has white sprinkles over some that I thought I should get  for Peanut -because he *loves* sweets.

I'll remember those days when he use to play around like a little child ......... he's grown up so fast.


  1. Peanut is very lucky to have a mommy who is going to give him a 2-day birthday celebration! Will he get gifts on each day, too? Do you have special plans?

  2. how fun to spread his birthday over 2 days!! I bet he will enjoy all the special ways you'll celebrate with him!


  3. yes, you're right, they grow up fast. But don't worry, he'll still be playing like a little kid. Toby is gonna be 2 in march and he runs and plays even more then when he was a puppy.

  4. Hey! I am new to the corgi blog scene and I was looking through your blog and your little Peanut is a cutie!! Happy Early birthday to him!



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