Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sugar and spice makes everything nice

 Peanut loves oatmeal. Every morning I have no food other than oatmeal, I eat some, set it down on the table. Then, I hear the little *clicks* on the floor from his nails. He gets on top of the chair and eats starts whimpering and whining just to have some of it. He goes very crazy when it's apple and cinnamon.

And either way, here are some pictures that I wanted to show you while I my camera was lost, but now I found it!!! :)

-------Oh! and in this picture, I was tickling Peanut and then, he snapped at me! So, I am just going to leave him alone


This is the blanket that I bought him for winter

This is his busy rollhide that I bought him and he just won't let go!

Purina is probably Peanut's favorite treat Brand. From bones, to treats!
How cold is it over there? Well here, it's been cold and it has not let go.
I shall buy some hot chocolate around now to warm myself up, but I don't really need hot chocolate when I have Peanut and his weather-proof fur.
Yesterday I felt like the worst obedience trainer ever. Peanut and I were at a lesson and my gosh, I was mentally challenged. Peanut was tired, while I was wide-awake so Peanut "Broke," his stays by sniffing around and laying down when he was supposed to sit. It's all my fault and his test is very close! Ugh. My head is spinning round with training,  my figure skating performance is a month away, and etc.

.... Turkey!


  1. that is a cute blanket! I imagine it will keep Peanut very warm in the coming months!


  2. Toby does snap at us sometimes, but he quickly realizes that he's not supposed to, and he'll give kisses right away :)
    Again, good luck with Peanut's test and your performance (I think is so cool that you do figure skating!)

  3. hahah what nice white teeth he has!!


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