Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No Post Title(sorry!)

It feels awkward making a post now that I have not been updating anything. Life is boring now! Peanut is the only thing that's keeping me alive with this boring life of mine. Peanut partially destroyed his sock ball..... nothing else to talk about... life is boring.... waiting for life to get exciting..... still waiting.... can't wait any longer.... >:(.    

Oh! And Peanut doesn't like dog food, any dog food. I have bought him four types of dog foods and he still hates them. I am going to buy vitamins so he won't be unhealthy because he almost never eats his dog food. He only eats it about like 3-5 times a month. I give him protein foods like yogurt and I give him other healthy foods like carrots, bananas, etc. to keep him healthy.  Help!

Is there any good topics to talk about for this running out of ideas blog?



  1. Try Fromm. They make a couple different types and if he likes them you can keep switching them out on him so it is new.

  2. I mix Picasso's dog food with some hot water to make it soft, with a 'gravy' and add carrot slices and sometimes green beans, too. He loves it! Have you tried the dog food called 'Chicken Soup for the Dog's Soul'?

    Why is your life so boring? I thought you were figure skating? Is that going well?

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  4. Yes, figure skating is going well, but I do it weekly so it's not there every day to entertain me, but I am going to try to try those dog foods that you both recommended! Thanks!

  5. I put cooked chicken (plain not spiced in any way) on Koda's food; he loves it!

    hopiong you have a nice day tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving!



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