Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The test (part 1)

Okay, the test was... okay. It didn't feel like a test, it felt more like a usual obedience day. The first thing was the sit stays out of sight- messed up 2 times. Then, the down stays out of sight was perfect. Then, the other stuff was perfect, but the sit stays out of sight haunted me. Here are quite a few pictures at the graduation:

Now, this dog is one of Peanut's shaggy classmates doing her heel stays or whatever you call them. He is a very smart nice gentle giant. 

Here is where we take pictures, but Peanut wouldn't stay and stay still.

And ta-da! It's not perfect,but the bast he's ever done!

  Here is Peanut's classmate's graduation picture. What a shag. Jetta, Peanut's classmate, was a very smart dog! The funny part about her sits is that she is so furry that her paws slide as she tries to stay up. I love her!

(The dog in the background is just the training instructor's dog.)

Another little, or shall I say big smile from Peanut!

And here is his semi-serious face.

And a little bye to Jetta the wonderful Bouvier. The CGC test was canceled and is going to take place on December 2nd so Perfect timing!


Random sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings.

I also bought Peanut some graduation treats for all his effort. 

And they're yogurt, apple and banana flavored!

I had a good day even though Peanut/I messed up twice on one thing, I am as happy as can be!


  1. YAY!

    I love the hat. :D

    Is petsmart training good? I went to a local all breeds club for Maggie's class and I have mixed feelings about it. I am not sure if I want to continue with them or not. Only thing god about them right now is that they are cheap.

  2. Congratulations to Peanut!!!! HAPPY GRADUATION!!!

  3. Happy Graduation, Peanut. Wow, you got a hat, diploma and treats! Good day to be YOU!


  4. You go Peanut! you did great! Congrats! loved your smile on your pictures!



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