Wednesday, December 1, 2010


All that has happened these last few days of no posts is I just bought Peanut a few stuff he needed and wanted. Also, I am going to receive a special paw it forward package from the very kind Lisa from Corgi Kisses. And I am getting a little box of chocolates(so not safe for a corgi or dog) from Shedding The Wolf. Thanks to everyone who has gave away stuff to me and other people! Changing subject, don't you ever realize how long your corgi/dog is? Well for corgis and other long breeds this is major. I already knew that Peanut's back is about 18-19 inches(I measured it.) How about you take out some measuring tape and measure our little shorty's backs? I'll try to be more updated now. And OMG! Peanut's official CGC test is tomorrow! I better start training again because this is very important situation. I am not so sure he will stay put in his stays but everything else seems fine. *Sigh* There's to much going on here.


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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

VAN w/CORGIS and AKITAS STOLEN in LONG BEACH, CA -- please pass along!

Please cross post this to every list you are on and get the news out.


Kristina Rickard's (Dream Hi Akitas) van was stolen while it was parked Sunday night at a Motel 6 in Long Beach, California. They don't know when it was stolen, but it was gone yesterday morning (11/30/10).

It has Trace (Top 5 Akita) and a young female Akita, and two Corgis in it.

Anyone in the Southern California area, please notify your vet's office and local animal control in case the dogs are found, turned loose or taken to a vet. 

If anyone knows how to get this on the local news, MSN, etc. it would be a great help. Tom Rickard headed to Long Beach, and Lori is at home manning the phones, and Nener (Kristina) and David have Tamera Houser driving to hotel right now, so they will have help and wheels. Nener's cell phone is: 530-351-2412 -- please do not call to talk, but only if information is found or you have amazing suggestion --please text if possible.

The police have already come to take a statement and hopefully they will be a great help.

Vehicle ID:  2006 White Chevy Express Cargo Van, California license 8D20252, with a big black box on the back and three dog stickers on the back windows. If anyone was to see this van on the side of the road or parking lot, please report asap and check on the dogs. Hopefully, they will be found inside.
Here is an ad/reward with pictures of the dogs:


Here is a link to the news story.




  1. I hope they find them! How terrible.

    Best of luck to Peanut on his CGC test! Stay calm... I'm sure everything will go well. :D

  2. I did read that they found the van and the two Akitas but not the corgis yet. This is close to where I live and they have the info all over the news with the van, license plate number, picture of dogs, etc. I do hope they find the corgis soon!

    good luck with Peanut's CGC testing!



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