Thursday, December 23, 2010

A loooooong Christmas... corgi style

Christmas is just slowly crawling up to us.  It's been taking a while for it to arrive even though there is a couple of days left. Peanut's wish list is still not completed- not even close(well, because there is a lot of stuff to go buy). I am starting to prepare Peanut's spring profile picture. I have only bought one thing for Peanut this Christmas so far, but on the eve I am going to go crazy buying all I can. My gift for Christmas is Peanut and corgis. This Christmas, I am going to read ALL the blogs I follow at one time even if it takes me all day(don't be afraid to recommend me and new blog to follow!) I thought that this picture could funky up a corgi Christmas a little more:

Ya, Peanut has some dirty paws there. I took him a bath afterwords. But don't you just love wrapping your corgi because every one should know that each corgi is always going to be a gift that god gave us.

Peanut also might get this fuzzy sock for Christmas....

And I would really enjoy it if you tell us how you celebrate the holiday corgi style! And this old picture means A LOT to me....

Merry Christmas everyone :)


  1. Merry Christmas

    From: Maggie and Lisa

  2. Cute pictures Peanut!
    We will be celebrating Airedale style this year...heehee!


  3. Love the bow on the butt! Have a Merry Corgi Christmas!

  4. Merry Christmas to you and Peanut!



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