Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm back!

I am being consumed with time, Peanut, work, and etc. I have had no time to blog about Peanut, but now I have a chunk of time :). Here is a hello from Peanut!:

Do you feed your corgi/dog a Busy Bone by Purina? Peanut usually gets it, licks it, runs away, and hides/eats it. Every time I try to tell him to "drop it" he just puts his ears back and gives me those puppy eyes like this:

And the part I enjoy best is the part that he is holding two Busy Bones in his mouth. He hates it when I try to get his food. He usually tries putting it all in his mouth and runs away or he sometimes mumbles a growl to me. I understand the growling part is a bad behavior but I taught him that his bad behavior is unacceptable.
Christmas is getting closer! That means more Peanut, blogging, etc. I am going to spoil my Peanut with love and attention this holiday. What are you doing for your corgi this season/holiday?

Blog to you later!


  1. Hi Peanut,
    We met a very nice Corgi today, named Keegan!
    We don't get those bone thingys, cuz we try to swallow them whole.

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  2. I gave GIbson a busy bone for his first Christmas and he was sick for 2 days straight! lol Never again :) My parent's dog gets one almost every day though..

  3. I liked the first picture of Peanut, too cute!! glad to see a post from you; was thinking about you and wondering if all was okay. I don't think we have tried Busy Bones on Koda, but probably won't since he's got such a sensitive stomach so we just try to keep with things he is used to.


  4. Sadie eats those sometimes! She does the same thing with her bones. She is very protective when it comes to food. And yes, Sadie will be very spoiled this Christmas haha.

  5. Hi Peanutt! We feel you, we have been super busy as well. I came down with a aweful stomach bug and was bed ridden for a WEEK! Kisses from my corgi helped though. :) Your paw it forward should be on its way verry soon! Hopefully in time for Christmas!!


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