Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Sorry I haven't updated my blogging. There is just not a lot of things to talk about but now, there is a few. It's getting colder and that means Peanut! You know how a corgi's coat is "weather proof"? Well, Peanut's isn't because every night it hits the 30's he just lays down beside me on the bed curled into a fluff ball. I finally found the perfect Christmas tree! The reason a Christmas tree comes into this post about a corgi is because Peanut loves Christmas trees. Last year, we never found a Christmas tree so Peanut never got to greet one. And this Christmas tree is not real so it has these nice, dark green bristles that Peanut loves to rub against. It always worries me because he goes under and around the Christmas tree so he could simply tip over the tree or urinate on the skirt.

Peanut is soon to start his therapy dog coarses! :)
Have a corgi Christmas!


  1. Peanut, did you get to help with the decorations? Do you have any Corgi ornaments?


  2. @ Wyatt: I only wish I had corgi ornaments. Well the only decorations I have is the tree and that's it. Yes I did get help but Peanut was going under the tree so it was kind of awkward.

  3. Koda sleeps like that, all curled around us and he did the same when we lived in Montana with the cold weather. I do think they do get weaterized with their fur and can pretty much take pretty cold weather. It was routine for him to be out there in sub zero weather and loving it!

    glad you found a tree this year!


  4. That's a great picture of Peanut in front of the Christmas tree! Happy Holidays!


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