Sunday, December 26, 2010

'nut's Christmas

I know it's a day late to tell about this but here is the story.

It was late at night (somewhere in the a.m.'s) and I was wrapping presents while Peanut was being an angel, just sleeping on the bed. I felt like waking him up to play and here was his tired face:

After the night, me and Peanut headed for the Christmas tree.

And here is Peanut about to steal his presents.(sorry, it's blurry)

He got a Kong teddy bear! It has low stuffing and a replaceable squeaker. 

And a Frisbee to corgi around with.

And some Chicken-wrapped bones!

He also got a sweet potato bone from PetSmart!

This tiny beef flavored roll is VERY nutritious and doggy-licious for any meal!

Now, these Carob chip dog cookies (Honey's Bakery) are Peanut's favorite of all....

He even tried stealing some from the bag...

I didn't want him having tummy troubles from toooooooooo many cookies so I tried taking it away and he fit the WHOLE BAG in his mouth and ran away.

I can't wait for next year's Christmas so I can get Peanut twice the presents!


  1. Peanut is a really handsome looking corgi. Glad to see he enjoyed the noms and toys Santa brought him for Christmas.

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