Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Do you ever wonder where Corgis REALLY come from?

People only SAY Corgis came from Wales in 1107 A.D. from Flemish weavers, but maybe not. Don't you ever notice that your Corgi/mix acts weirdly? They are very unique dogs... did I say dogs? I guess that was a typo, because Corgis are not dogs. They seem to be their own specimen so they are not dogs. Yes, maybe Corgis do have canine features, but that's just one thing. They always try to talk and they oddly have no tails. But, it's mostly the purebreds that have the most full-blooded Corginess that no one knows about. I mean the Corgi- especially the Cardigan
has a long body. The Corgi is to short and long to be part of Earth in every way. And of coarse you should know about UFOs. And you should also know that people are trying to find them. They are all right here.
They all came from other planets. For example this corgi:
And you should obviously know that Corgis are VERY INTELLIGENT. So, because of their smarticles, they can build Corgiships and Corgi Aircraft. Corgis are very snooty over where they sleep, but not what they eat. Corgis enjoy Earth foods such as peanut butter, fruit, vegetables, dog treats, etc. They also attract humans in many ways, but most of all Queen Elizabeth II. Corgis are also known for their jumbo packed fur. Corgis shed a lot especially in the Summer and Fall. Their hair contain UFO DNA. And another thing Corgis are known for... their Flying Squirrel Position(A.K.A. Flying Frog.) No one will ever know where Planet Corgi is.... unless they travel to the other universe.

Do ever wonder where Corgis REALLY come from? Please comment and it would be even gnarleyer if you comment with the URL of your web/blog!

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  1. I think corgis truly are in a class of their own compared to other dogs because of their short legs and the Pembrokes having no tails. but you are right, they love their food!



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