Thursday, September 30, 2010

Peanut ; Toy destroyer!

It seems like no toy is to tough for Peanut to handle. I give him what they call "indestructible toys" and nothing works! I have given him cow bones, pull ropes, rubber toys, Busy Bones, no matter what, he is gonna destroy it one way or another!
Mr. Peanut has tiny, sharp teeth in the front, and large, dinosaur canine teeth to help him rip into almost anything. My little monster is one tough man- even though he is 6 years old in dog years.
To much Peanut........

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  1. Koda destroys the stuffed toy looking ones so we can't get those for him, but he is pretty good with the other toys. but then as a puppy he never chewed a lot on things and destroyed them like shoes, etc. I did give him lots of those rawhide chew bones when he was young, maybe that helped some of his chewing tendencies not to be too big

    but you got to love Peanut anywhere since hs is just sooo cute!



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