Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm back with something to say for the first time in a while...

Well first of all, I still can't find the laser that Peanut jacked up. And I also bought him some toys for the heck of it.

                                             (for the pic above) He's more interested than he looks!!!!!

There is always one question I ask myself every day. And that question is "What is my favorite part of Peanut or corgis?"


Seriously, what is your favorite part of your nub or just corgis?????


  1. I can never make up my mind. I would say their bunny butt + the nub, the wiggling butt/nub action, their ears, the nose, stubby legs, their smiles... awww. Everything! Everything!

  2. I love everything about corgis, but my favorites are the wiggling butt, the friendly eyes and the ever so cute corgi smile! ... actually, I also love the stubby legs and expressive ears and I love when their back legs extend back when they lie down, too! :D I love every little thing about corgi dogs!

  3. There isn't a single thing I could live without on a Corgi. The whole package is the BESTEST!

    I'd love to use that photo on The Daily Corgi -- would you let me if I gave credit and a link?

    It's just so funny.


    Laurie Eno
    The Daily Corgi


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