Monday, January 31, 2011


Yup, I've gone silent again well, because I have had a REALLY BAD cold and it has been making me tired so I have to just push myself to go up the stairs and type all this. You know what? Peanut has gotten a little plumper and a little heavier. He never gained weight with all that crap I used to give him, but now it seems that he has.



Can you see the difference? Forget about the zoom in thing, but what I zoomed in for is the belly. Can you see the belly starting to round up and chunk up? This is the new and improved Peanut... I just hope he doesn't get any fatter...


  1. Oh he's such a sweetie! Corgis always get thunder thighs! hee hee.

  2. awwwww peanut!! its okay if you are a chunky monkey!

  3. I feed Dozer Canidae kibble. It is known in the corgi world to be one of the best kibbles for keeping the weight off and the corgi in tip top shape. And the only treats are fresh fruit and veggies. Plus 2 walks a day (and yes, I do work 8 hours a day at a real job). The vet is always pleased that Dozer has a waist because most males, after being neutered and reaching maturity, put on the pounds. But if you can keep their weight in the right digits they definitely live longer. Go Peanut!



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